Catalogue for 20th October 2021

Estimates do not include the buyer's premium of 17.5%, realised prices (where shown) do include this premium. No VAT applies.

Lot Description & Condition Estimate (£)
Thumbnail 1 Blue & white teabowl, printed pattern with garden scene
Thumbnail 2 Pencil & gilt teabowl, floral sprigs
2 hairline cracks, horizontal scratch, border rubbed
Thumbnail 3 Teabowl & 2 saucers, two bird pattern
Teabowl has small glazed factory chip. One saucer has long crack
Thumbnail 4 14.5cm bowl, two bird pattern
Large rim chip
Thumbnail 5 Coffee cup & saucer, Redgrave green root pattern
Thumbnail 6 Polychrome teabowl & saucer, rose in cartouche with floral sprays
Section of bowl broken & reglued. Saucer cracked
Thumbnail 7 17cm moulded sauceboat
Stained, grazed rim & handle
Thumbnail 8 23.5cm pierced chestnut basket, pinecone print
Thumbnail 9 13 cm blue & white bowl, printed Chinese scene
Long crack from rim, star crack to base
Thumbnail 10 Reed moulded coffee cup, cell border
Stress crack to base of handle
Thumbnail 11 Teabowl & saucer, two bird pattern
Saucer has a hairline crack and a chip and a glazed factory chip
Thumbnail 12 Coffee cup & saucer painted with floral sprays
Thumbnail 13 Sparrowbeak jug, two bird pattern
Thumbnail 14 Polychrome coffee cup, rose pattern in floral cartouche
Long crack from rim
Thumbnail 15 Polychrome teabowl, rose pattern and coffee cup, cornucopia pattern
Teabowl has rim crack, cup is chipped & stained
Thumbnail 16 Teapot & cover, green Redgrave pattern, 17cm
Crack from base extending into body
Thumbnail 17 Blue & white teabowl & saucer, dromedary & raft print
Thumbnail 18 Blue & white coffee cup & saucer, tea party print
Thumbnail 19 Blue & white coffee cup, boy on bridge pattern, lattice & flower border, decorator's mark
Thumbnail 20 Blue & white saucer, boy on bridge pattern, scroll border, decorator's mark
Thumbnail 21 Blue & white teabowl & saucer, river island pattern, decorator's marks
Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail 22 Rare blue & white 23cm jug, with globular body, cylindrical neck and mask spout. The body is moulded with leaf shapes and there is a three part scroll handle
1 crack to lip
Thumbnail 23 Polychrome teapot & cover, rose pattern
Lower part of pot broken and reglued. Chip under rim of cover
Thumbnail 24 15cm polychrome bowl, pink flowers with feather & loop border
Rim chips and hairline cracks
Thumbnail 25 Polychrome teapot lid
Rim chips
10 to 20
Thumbnail 26 Polychrome sparrowbeak jug, rose pattern
Chips to rim, small hairline crack
Thumbnail 27 Fluted 11cm slop bowl, green monochrome decoration
3 rim chips, hairline crack
Thumbnail 28 Polychrome teabowl, late fluted shape, leafy line and meandering leaf decoration, leafy line and loop and dot border
Thumbnail 29 Polychrome teabowl, rose pattern, deep internal border
Small rim chip
Thumbnail 30 Polychrome coffee cup, rose pattern with deep internal border
Thumbnail 31 Blue & white small teabowl & saucer, fence pattern, crescent mark to saucer
Small chip to saucer
Thumbnail 32 Teabowl, iron red and gilt decoration
Thumbnail 33 Polychrome teapot & cover, Curtis pattern
Rim stained with a chip, crack and broken piece. Staining round spout and body crack. Small chip to cover
Thumbnail 34 Shankered teabowl & saucer painted with black and gilt sprigs, gilded border, decorated with a griffin head and monogram RES
Saucer has rim chip and associated crack. Teabowl has a section broken and reglued with associated cracks
Thumbnail 35 Polychrome teabowl, rose pattern, loop and dot border
Thumbnail 36 Coffee pot with domed cover, two bird pattern
Crack from bottom of spout to base. Cover has rim chip
Thumbnail 37 Polychrome teapot & cover, Curtis pattern
Cover chipped
Thumbnail 38 Polychrome teabowl & saucer, late ribbon border in purple & brown, floral spray decoration
Teabowl has section broken & reglued, chips & associated crack. Formerly exhibited at Norwich Castle Museum ref 52.13 105
Thumbnail 39 Blue & white teabowl painted with cottages, hatched border
Part of footrim broken off
Thumbnail 40 Polychrome dolphin ewer painted with floral sprays
Thumbnail 41 Polychrome coffee cup, rose pattern
Thumbnail 42 Blue & white teabowl & saucer, fence & root pattern
Teabowl has internal chip, saucer has 2 cracks, 2 with associated chips
Thumbnail 43 Rare saucer decorated in pencil & gilt with pagodas, a river scene and cottage
Thumbnail 44 Saucer, pencil & gilt floral pattern
Thumbnail 45 Saucer, dollshouse fern pattern
Thumbnail 46 Blue & white saucer, peony & root pattern
Hairline crack with associated chip
Thumbnail 47 Blue & white saucer, zigzag fence pattern, crescent mark
Section broken & reglued
Thumbnail 48 23cm polychrome bowl, Imari pattern, deep internal border with lattice and garland swags
Thumbnail 49 Polychrome coffee cup, rose sprays with purple hatching, cell border
Thumbnail 50 Polychrome teabowl & saucer, blue zigzag border with meandering floral spray
Thumbnail 51 Polychrome teabowl, fluted with gilded rim, painted with flowers
Thumbnail 52 Polychrome teabowl & saucer, fluted, rose pattern with ribbon border
2 small chips to rim of saucer
Thumbnail 53 Polychrome teapot & cover, Curtis pattern
crack around top of spout, inside cover overpainted
Thumbnail 54 29cm pear-shaped blue & white jug with strainer lip and scroll handle and cover
Hairline crack to interior strainer, small body crack at base of sparrowbeak lip. Small piece chipped off cover and restuck
Thumbnail 55 Teabowl & saucer, dollshouse fern pattern
Both have a hairline crack
Thumbnail 56 Teabowl & saucer, two bird pattern
Thumbnail 57 23.5cm oval, scalloped pierced blue & white chestnut basket with twisted handles and applied flowers and leaves, pinecone print
2 small chips to petals
Thumbnail 58 21 cm blue & white moulded sauceboat, decorator's mark 8
1 hairline crack
Thumbnail 59 16cm blue & white ewer painted with flower and leafy sprays
Lip restored
Thumbnail 60 Fine Hughes moulded teabowl & saucer, with IH 1761clearly moulded in the pattern, key & cell border. Decorator's mark 8
Thumbnail 61 Polychrome Chelsea ewer painted with flowers
Lip restored
Thumbnail Thumbnail 62 Rare 12.5cm round blue & white openwork basket with a scalloped, everted rim. Painted with a central flower spray and scroll & flower border, with applied flowers to the exterior
2 hairline cracks
Thumbnail 63 Rare shankered teabowl & saucer, painted with black and gilt sprigs and gilded borders
Small stain to one stiltmark
Thumbnail 64 Blue & white sparrowbeak jug painted with a pagoda, cottages and a walld garden
Minute rim chip
Thumbnail 65 Polychrome sparrowbeak jug, Mandarin yellow window pattern
Small chip to tip of beak
Thumbnail 66 Polychrome Chelsea ewer painted with floral sprigs
Small rim chip, chip to end of handle, 1 hairline crack
Thumbnail 67 Teabowl & saucer, dollshouse fern pattern
Thumbnail 68 Teabowl & saucer, dollshouse pattern
Teabowl has 2 hairline cracks
Thumbnail 69 Blue & white teapot & cover, Robert Browne pattern, closed flower knop, crescent mark
Knop broken & reglued with flower stem restored
Thumbnail 70 Blue & white 20cm saucer dish, Robert Browne pattern. Sold Christies 15.2.82
2 rim chips, 3 hairline cracks
Thumbnail 71 Rectangular blue & white tea caddy with sloping shoulders, three flower print, crescent mark
Crack at base
Thumbnail 72 Early blue & white sparrowbeak jug painted with trailing flowers
Hairline crack with associated chip filled, 1 other hairline crack
Thumbnail 73 Blue & white Hughes moulded cup
Tiny rim chip
Thumbnail 74 Polychrome fluted teabowl & saucer painted with pink flower sprigs and turquoise festoons
Saucer has 2 minute chips
Thumbnail 75 Blue & white leaf dish moulded with veins on the inside, 11cm. Decorator's mark
Stained crack
Thumbnail 76 Blue & white coffee cup painted with trailing flowers
1 chip, 2 hairline cracks
Thumbnail 77 Polychrome coffee cup, rose pattern
Thumbnail 78 Blue & white saucer, woman & squirrel print
3 hairline cracks, 1 with associated chip
Thumbnail Thumbnail 79 Blue & white cream boat, 2 porter pattern
3 small hairline cracks
Thumbnail 80 Blue & white sparrowbeak jug, sunflower pattern
1 small chip, slight rubbing to tip of beak
Thumbnail 81 Blue & white dolphin ewer
Thumbnail 82 Polychrome shankered teabowl & saucer, decorated with a border of leaves & ribbons and a central pink flower spray
Saucer has a hairline crack
Thumbnail 83 Blue & white Chelsea ewer
2 hairline stress cracks
Thumbnail 84 Polychrome dolphin ewer painted with flowers
3 small rim chips
Thumbnail 85 Polychrome sucrier base painted with floral sprays with a purple lattice background, outlined in gilt, with a cell border. A Chinese saucer painted in a similar pattern
A chip & stained spots to the rim of the sucrier
Thumbnail 86 Polychrome coffee cup painted with convolvulus flowers
Glazed factory rim chip
Thumbnail 87 Polychrome coffee cup, Tulip style decoration
2 cracks
Thumbnail 88 Polychrome dolphin ewer painted with floral sprays
Thumbnail 89 Blue & white sparrowbeak jug, dromedary and raft pattern
Thumbnail 90 Blue & white coffee cup with ear-shaped handle, willow pattern print
1 hairline crack
Thumbnail 91 Polychrome coffee cup painted with floral sprigs & arabesques
Thumbnail 92 Miniature blue & white coffee cup and saucer painted with river island scenes
Minute rim chip to cup, small chip & hairline crack to saucer
Thumbnail 93 Miniature blue & white teabowl & saucer, river island pattern
3 cracks to teabowl, slight grazing to rim of saucer
Thumbnail 94 Miniature sucrier base painted with Chinese river scenes, decorator's mark
1 rim chip
Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail 95 Teabowl, cup & saucer decorated with grape-vine festoons and a meandering grape-vine, with a gilded rim. The saucer has the inscription "M and E Calder Norwich 1776" in brick red within a gold heart, date c1795. Klaber & Klaber label
Thumbnail Thumbnail 96 Fine rare oil or vinegar bottle, painted in blue & white with flowers & floral sprays, c1765. See G Godden 'Lowestoft Porcelains' Plate 90 for similar example. 15.5cm tall with a bulbous body, narrow neck and everted rim with a sharply pointed lip. The handle has pierced holes, believed to hold a stopper. Decorator's mark 8
Small chip restoried at tip of beak

Conditions of Sale

  1. The Purchaser will be the highest bidder. If an event occurs (dispute) between two or more bidders as to which is the Purchaser, the Auctioneer shall either declare the Purchaser, or at her option, immediately re-offer the disputed Lot for sale. The auctioneer reserves the right to refuse bidding at any time, and to determine the amount to be increased with each bidding.
  2. The Vendors reserve the right to place a reserve on any Lot or Lots.
  3. The Purchaser will be required to give their name and address in writing and pay the whole purchase money at the close of the sale. Names and addresses will be used only in a mailing list for Lowestoft Porcelain Auctions and for no other purpose.
  4. Each Lot shall be expressly at the risk of the Purchaser at the fall of the hammer.
  5. No Lots can be removed from the sale premises until paid for.
  6. Credit or debit card payment can be taken on the night of the sale. Cheques are accepted by prior arrangement with Zoë, otherwise payments should be by cash or by BACS to: Mrs Zoe Sprake: sort code 77-66-13: account no. 17663360: ref *your own name*
  7. All descriptions and statements contained in this catalogue as to any Lot are made without responsibility on the part of the Promoters, Auctioneer or the Vendors. No such statement or description as to any Lot is to be relied on as a statement or representation of fact. Any Purchaser must satisfy himself/herself by inspection or otherwise as to the correctness of each of the statements contained in this catalogue. The Vendors and the Promoters or the Auctioneer do not make any representation or warranty whatsoever in relation to any Lot contained in this catalogue.
  8. VAT does not apply.
  9. All purchases are subject to a Buyer’s premium of 17.5% of the hammer price.